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A Journey of Growth and Renewal

"God comes to meet men and women out of his future, and in their history reveals to them new, open horizons, which entice them to set forth into the unknown and invite them to the beginning of the new."
- Jurgen Moltmann



Clinton Randall

Clinton is an ordained clergy person.  He is passionate about spirituality, learning, social justice, advocacy, and truth.  Clinton hopes to use this site, sharing moments from his personal journey, in his best effort to speak truth, raise awareness, and at times reach beyond barriers accepted by many in order to discuss that which is often pushed aside, swept under the carpet, or actively silenced by institutions and society.


An effort to encourage responsible discussion about the mainstream impact of mental health and mental illness, while sharing personal stories; some that are serious, others including moments of humor.  Yet, always an emphasis on, and an invitation to dialogue.

Important resources on faith, research, education, and advocacy.

If you would like to contact me simply follow the contact link.

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