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A Journey of Growth and Renewal

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Welcome to My Blog! or should the greeting be, "Am I really saying this publicly?" You bet!

Greetings! I find it a privilege that you would take the time amid your busy life to pause for a few moments and read what I have written about my own life and journey, through all its ups and downs, and ultimately my ongoing path towards recovery. If you decide to read further, and possibly follow my posts, you will find intermingled within this narrative my decision to openly share personal stories, including moments of celebration and transformation, some possibly humorous, while others more serious that involve instances of trauma, circumstances surrounding episodes of recurrent major depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and struggles with anxiety.

I share these words with you, not to offer a magic solution, or an instant fix. Instead, I have found writing my story to be cathartic, and healing in many ways. Maybe you will find passages or stories to which you relate. Above all, in beginning to write down these words, I have found hope. Hope that what has already been, is now passed, and having passed, a path has been made clear, even without my knowledge, that gives me confidence, and an even greater hope. A hope, but by Grace alone, which continues to expand. This increasing hope encourages me to further journey along that winding pathway we call life, until such time I cross the finish line—a life complete. Admittedly, having at times been a bumpy ride, but one finished at peace. So filled with hope and gratitude, I anticipate at that time the joy of entering into fellowship with those who have come before and with my Creator.

By the way, I LOVE Mr. Rogers. Who doesn't? My fiance' (a.k.a. VERY SOON to be spouse), who designs counted cross-stitch professionally as a graphic artist, in an act of generous love, designed the piece below for me to stitch. It is literally one-of-a-kind, and the design will never be published for public distribution. I have found "stitching" to be a very effective mindfulness practice, and is one way in which I work to manage my anxiety and mood.

You should also meet Charlotte (the Wonder Beagle), and Erin (pictured here as a very young English Black Lab). Erin has a very important purpose ahead of her, but more on that later.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read my opening post. I hope you will return or even subscribe. Life is a precious gift. So how we decide to care for ourselves, as well as others, has tremendous implications for our future wellbeing and sense of joy. Until next time!

Grace and Peace,



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